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Shickley Foundation Guiding Principles

Trustworthy – We are dependable, honest, accountable, transparent, and reputable.


Loyalty – We can be counted on as good stewards.  We keep our word and promises.

Leadership/service – We work with and reach out to donors and other organizations in our community to leverage or effort and investment.

Caring and genuine – We have passion, compassion, respect for the community and its members.  We are sincere and approach our work with a positive attitude.

Futuristic – We think ahead, are open to the changing needs of our community and act proactively.

Take initiative – We use a planning process to set goals and accomplish our mission and invest in projects that fulfill the vision for our community and move it forward.
Follow laws and guidelines – We comply with the legal guidelines set forth by the IRS and the Nebraska Community Foundation, maintain confidentiality and meet/follow donor intent.


A $2,500,000.00 endowment fund will allow for annual grants of $112,000.00 to be used for community projects. Join us and be part of this successful campaign that continues to make Shickley "A Big Little Town".

For Generations, residents of Shickley have enjoyed a wonderful quality of life. To ensure that future generations of Shickley continue to have the opportunity, many current and former residents are supporting Shickley by giving charitably. Join them with your gifts to the Shickley Community Foundation.

VISION:  Shickley is a community committed to working together to nurture our agricultural roots, educational opportunities, and economic growth in order to support the emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being of our citizens of all ages.


MISSION: The mission of the Shickley Community Foundation Fund, an affiliate of the Nebraska Community Foundation, is to fund community development now and for generations to come.  We are committed to keeping our community a vital, progressive and healthy place where people can live, raise families and retire.  To fulfill our vision of Shickley, we provide a variety of ways for people to invest their time, talent and treasure in our community.

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