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Hometown Internship Program

The Shickley Community Foundation Fund is announcing a hometown summer internship. This new opportunity will connect young people who have gone off to college by involving the students in their hometown! The Nebraska Community Foundation is partnering with the Shickley Community Foundation Fund to offer college students a paid internship to serve their hometown community during their summer break. 

A hometown intern is a current undergraduate college student who lives at home for the summer. The intern will discover and document the assets and abundance of their home place. They will help to facilitate conversations with community members regarding these assets and opportunities, and they will co-create opportunities to mobilize these local assets to increase community quality of life. This opportunity will be specifically tailored to our local area.  It is our hope that through this internship the individual will create a deeper connection to their community.


I.    Position Title:                              Shickley Community Foundation Intern


II.   Position Description:                              


  • Identify and discover community assets and share this information with community members to mobilize, connect and add value to these community assets. 

  • Shall be responsible to the Secretary of the Shickley Community

Foundation Fund (SCF)

  •  Shall work with supervisor to establish goals for the internship program tailored to the skills of the selected candidate



  • Assisting with updating of marketing materials and website for the Shickley Community Foundation Fund.

  • Implement a planned social media program for SCF.

  • Update donor database and other documents.

  • Creating a community asset analysis.

  • Other projects that fit within the intern’s skill set for SCF or other local charitable entities.


III. Qualifications:

  • Currently enrolled full time in college pursuing an undergraduate degree or associate degree  

  • Possess an interest in Community Improvement and/or Community Economic Growth and Development

  • Possess skills/knowledge in the following areas-human relations, communications, consensus building, collaborative approach to decision making, technology, organizational management

  • Personal characteristics-energetic, personable, visionary, creative, self-motivator

IV. Conditions of Employment:

  • Work Schedule:  20-40 hours a week, daily hours will be determined based on agreement between supervisor and candidate.  Flexible office hours schedule.

  • Salary:  $13.00/hour-Paid by the Nebraska Community Foundation

  • Time Off:  to be approved by supervisor.

  • Expenses:  Mileage, meals, lodging for work related travel



Please attach your current resume and a cover letter addressing why you are interested in the Shickley Community Foundation’s Internship position sponsored by the Nebraska Community Foundation and the Shickley Community Foundation Fund.

Applications are to be submitted by January 15, 2022 to:



Please send application and materials to:
Wade Walters

Shickley Community Foundation Fund

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